Summer Job Search Tips for Healthcare Staff

May 07, 2020

Finding a job during the dog days of summer can be tough. With people being on vacation or spending more time away from work, invariably someone involved in the hiring decisions will be unavailable at an inopportune time. Accordingly, job seekers often need to work a little harder in order to land a position during the summer, typically by reaching out and trying to form a more personal connection with people involved in the hiring process.

Connect on Social Media

Whether you’re generally looking for jobs or you’re trying to find an inroad at a given facility, social media can be a useful tool. Generally, people are willing to respond to messages through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can use these methods to inquire about possible openings at a facility or to reach out to hiring managers or supervisors after you’ve interviewed for a position. Ideally, you want to create a personal connection to separate yourself from the pack and give yourself a better chance at getting hired.

Follow Up Promptly

If you are lucky enough to land an interview, make sure you follow up with the hiring manager promptly. Not only will sending a quick follow-up email better endear you to hiring managers, but it will also show them that you are serious about the position. These emails don’t need to be particularly long. Simply thank them for the opportunity, say what a pleasure it was to meet them and tell them that you look forward to hearing from them in the future. Once again, you want to give yourself a chance to stand out and separate yourself from the other candidates.

Send a Thank You Note

Sending a “thank you” note may seem like an archaic practice, but it can definitely help you stand out in the digital age. Taking the time to mail a physical “thank you” note will show that you’re willing to go the extra mile and work hard towards your goals, which are qualities that employers appreciate. Just remember, if you are going to send a “thank you” note, you need to drop it in the mail right after you have your interview. Given the limitations of snail mail, you don’t want your personalized note to show up a week after the hiring decision has been made.

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