How to Host a Successful Medical Phone Interview: Part 2

Dec 23, 2020

The best interviews yield useful, specific information about job candidates that employers can use when making hiring decisions. However, there’s a reason many companies have such high turnover rates. Conducting interviews can be challenging, and interviewing candidates over the phone is especially difficult because hiring managers can’t see prospects face to face. Use the following tips from Odyssey Staffing to conduct a successful medical phone interview.

Stay on Track

Because phone interviews often occur early in the hiring process, they don’t tend to be as lengthy as in-person job talks. With the ideal phone interview lasting about 15-30 minutes, it’s important that hiring managers take steps to keep conversations on track. Along with going into the conversation with a clear agenda, interviewers should periodically note how much time is left in the call. Doing this helps prevent both parties from rambling or drifting too far off course.

Do Your Homework

Phone interviews should be efficient and relatively brief. As a result, hiring managers should avoid reviewing resumes or gathering information on candidate references during this time. For best results, request resumes and recommendations before calling candidates on the phone. Doing this expedites the entire hiring process, as you won’t waste time interviewing candidates who lack the necessary backgrounds or skills for the position.

Provide Next Steps

While the hiring process can be seriously stressful for the company, it’s even more nerve-wracking for those being interviewed. Businesses can ease the burden for all involved by being direct and upfront with candidates. As the phone interview is wrapping up, thank the prospect for taking the time to speak with you. Additionally, you should share any next steps, such as timelines for additional interviews or requests to submit more materials. Let the candidate know what to expect and boost the odds that they will recommend your company to peers seeking positions.

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