Comfort Hacks for Nurse Practitioners

Apr 22, 2020

Nurses perform a great service in our society, ministering to ailing patients while comforting and supporting family members who are at their most vulnerable. With so much weight falling on nurses’ shoulders, it’s no wonder that these employees sometimes feel the burden in their bodies. From aching feet to pounding headaches and stress, nurses and nurse practitioners are in desperate need of comfort hacks to ease the pain. Here are some tips on alleviating stress in both the mind and body so you can focus on your job:


You can’t take care of your patients if you don’t take care of yourself first. Stay healthy and fit by exercising regularly. If you aren’t the type to go for a job, consider joining a local gym or fitness center – your hospital might even have one onsite that you can use. And of course, you should eat right and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system in good working order.

Take a Break

The fact that nurse practitioners are always on the go makes taking regular breaks essential. While you might be hesitant to take the lunches and coffee breaks that are owed you, doing this is actually smart, as it lets you relax and recharge before seeing your next patient. You’ll return to work each time de-stressed and prepared to do your best.

Buy the Right Footwear

Nurses and nurse practitioners need to acquire the right footwear for those long days and nights. While different hospitals might have their own dress codes, most experts recommend shoes with moderate arch support and rocker outsoles. Additionally, you should seek out footwear that allows for a natural stride while limiting pressure on the heel and joints.

Let Odyssey Staffing Find Your Next Nursing Position

As a nurse practitioner, you have the skills and abilities to work in a number of healthcare settings, provided that you can find the right opportunity. At Odyssey Staffing, we are passionate about helping nurse practitioners and other medical employees with their job searches. To learn more about our recruitment services, call today or contact our placement specialists online.

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